Pokemon Go Suggestion: Please Be Careful When Want to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game released by Nintendo and Partners. This game provides an incredible sensation for gamers who love Pokemon game. Games that was recently released in several countries, obtaining extraordinary reaction from fans of the game. You’ll get to experience the extraordinary with the capture Pokemon in the real world. Pokemon Go itself is a game that utilizes GPS and rear camera Smartphone to be able to connect themselves with the players, and that the player can capture Pokemon in the real world. Because the fun of this game, even some players are desperate to get into the police station to catch Pokemon. Because this game is played cool, and use the real world as background play, there are a few things to note. Either this is a Pokemon Go Suggestion or suggestions for play.

This game proved to be cool to play with, as have many players who have downloaded and played this game. Basically, because this game is too fun, there are some things that need our attention. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, gamers might be too cool to catch Pokemon, until they forget about their condition. It is no doubt because there is one that entered the police station to catch Pokemon, hehe. When playing this game, we need to carefully pay attention to our environment. We certainly do not want there is an accident in the street because someone was too cool to play Pokemon go and not paying attention when we cross, not. It’s just Pokemon Go Suggestion.

Pokemon Go Suggestion latter is, we do not need to enter the White House, the police station or courtroom to catch Pokemon. Some have suggested us to catch Pokemon from afar. Thus, we do not need to go into buildings that are public administration. Obviously, it would be able to interfere with workers or employees when they are working. For that, we need to give consideration to them. We are not forbidden to play Pokemon are focused and immersed in the game. Only, we need to pay attention to the rights of others, as well as the safety of ourselves.

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