The Importance Of Supervising The Use Of Technology On Children

The development of information technology and is rapidly increasing, making people today to more easily access information, and use of technology. The use of technology and the information itself at the moment is not limited to any age and gender. Things need to be considered very seriously in this modern era is the use of technology by children. Why does this need to be considered? Undeniably, most of the children in the world, at this time are familiar with the technology. It could even be, children was the most clever use of technology than us, the adults. It is not a thing to be a shame, but we need to consider this seriously. Why is that? Due to an error in the use of technology on children can result in decreased morale, and can result in the prolonged negative impact on the child as an adult.

What do we need to take note of children who use the technology? We need to consider is how these children take advantage of the technology that they hold. Are they used for the purpose of positive or negative purposes? At this time have spread a lot of negative impact sites such as pornography or other websites that tend to change the child’s mental and behavior for the worse. Various games the internet can also be the cause of the child’s moral decline. Many games can affect children and change their attitude more like swearing. This is a simple example of a change in the attitude of children due to the use of technology on children unsupervised.

In addition, there are various modes of crime using the internet as a medium. An example is a child abduction, with the use of the internet as a mediator between the abductor and child. This may sound silly and humorous, but in many countries, these cases often occur, as in many countries in Southeast Asia. Therefore, in addition, we need to supervise and protect children from bad influences of technology with the use of technology on children, we also need to keep a child from the new modus crime by using technology as a facilitator.

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